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Ink Abuse was originally a idea brought to life based on assisting those with addictions to Ink. Ink Abuse needs to be treated by a Proffesional Artist! I would like to give a short introduction to the Brilliant Mind of Eroc Tet. Eroc was raised in Antelope Valley and started off in Art at a very early age through out the 80s, his first influences were comic books and video games. As a teen he was introduced to Hip Hop music and Break Dancing that all began in the early 90s his art influence in that era was Graffiti. His love of video games is how he adapted the nick name Tet short for Tetris. By the mid 2000s Eroc was introduced to the tattoo world by his close friend Hoezay a already acredited tattoo artist he also asked another proffesional artist by the name of Dfie for help purchasing a set up to pursue a career in the Tattoo industry. Eroc Tet was fortunate to have a apprenticeship at Dermagrafict Tattoo in Lancaster, Ca in the Summer of 2007. He has been practicing as a proffesional artist since then. Eroc Tet does not do art full time but only dedicates his weekends to continue his passion for art. He dedicates his free time to Painting and Drawing. He is family orrientated and very dedicated to his craft. Eroc Tet prefers to do Freehand Art, Portrait work and Script. He currently practices art only by apt at Pokerz Tattoo in Lancaster,Ca. Please Follow Eroc Tet on INSTAGRAM @roc_zila or MUSICALLY @roczila to follow along with his Artwork and Adventures.